At the Honey Pot Child Care Centre we believe in high quality care for all children in an environment that fosters and enhances their development. We believe in demonstrating team work and respecting each other as individuals. The Honey Pot Child Care Centre is an environment that is nurturing, caring, respects individuality, encourages independence, display’s inclusion without bias, embrace’s gender, race and all abilities. At the Honey Pot Child Care Centre we value an environment that includes all people and shows a respect for diversity of cultures, languages, classes, abilities, learning styles and gender. We strongly believe ALL children have the right to become an active participant within his/her childhood learning community. We believe caregivers play a vital role in the happiness of the child and will guide the children in their quest for high self-esteem, independence and positive relationships with caregivers, peers and their families.

At the Honey Pot Child Care Centre we believe in exposing children to a natural environment, encouraging sustainability. Outdoor play promotes physical development and allows children to develop and explore the use of their senses in a natural setting. In the programs at the Honey Pot Child Care Centre we believe they should provide a diverse range of activities that enhance a child’s development.  Our program and curriculum recognises that every child is unique and will require different levels of support, some children requiring more support than others. Every child is supported to participate in the program. Each child’s agency is promoted, enabling them to make choices and decisions to influence their world.

The importance of Early Childhood and the value of play is considered integral in decision making and is reflected in all aspects of the programmes, routines and day to day activities. Staff beliefs reflect the importance of children’s learning and development through the understanding of theories including Vgotsky (Social and Cultural development and Zone of proximal development) as well as Gardner (Multiple intelligences). Staff believe in a child’s right to play, learn, develop and engage in quality interactions.

Whilst we focus on these areas we compliment the program by ensuring that the educational program and practice is stimulating and engaging and enhances children’s learning and development (national quality standards), including mathematics, science, literacy, multiculturalism, sustainability and inclusion values throughout. As a service we follow The Early Years Learning Frameworks principles, practices and outcomes which are essential to support and enhance young children’s learning. The frameworks has a strong emphasis on play based learning as play is the best vehicle for young children’s learning providing the most appropriate stimulus for brain development, (Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations) The Honey Pot Child Care Centre provides an environment that provides further and continual education to continue to provide quality care.

We believe in providing Children with a healthy environment that embraces environmentally friendly values and cleaning products, providing each child with a healthy range of nutritious meals that meet their daily requirements and explore cultural tastes. We believe meal times should be an enjoyable, non-threatening experience. We demonstrate and encourage healthy hygiene at the Honey Pot Child Care Centre by displaying procedures and role modelling the correct behaviours

Families are a key influence on children’s learning, therefore it is essential that children’s family and community experiences and the families perceptions of their children’s learning and interests are taken into account and are included in our program. We believe that by having a positive, open, trusting relationship with parents is vital to providing the best care for the child as no-one knows their child like their parents and families. Caregivers believe in respecting each individual families circumstances, their beliefs and values and by having an open relationship will provide us with valuable information about their child. We encourage parent participation in the activities associated with the centre, and encourage community groups to share their expertise and experiences.

We believe The Honey Pot Child Care Centre should reflect the community in which we live. Children learn from a community and in showing children valuable experiences within it, will help them to gain knowledge and connect their lives to where they live. By using and accessing all that is available in our community we believe we can provide children with life-long skills and a better understanding of themselves.

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